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    HTT will attend IMTS 2018 in Chicago.

    The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring 2,407 exhibiting companies and 115,612 registrants. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago. 

    This year, it take place in Sept.10 to 15 in Chicago, USA.

    This Zone houses information about the show, including products on display, as well as commentary from the Modern Machine Shop editors about trends and technology presented there.

    HTT will take a KB-series deep hole drilling machine on the show.

    We sincerely invite you to come to our booth for communication and negotiation.

    Your presence is our greatest honor!

    Booth location: South Building, Level 3 - Metal Cutting - 338896
    West Building, Level 3 & Annex - Tooling & Workholding Systems - 431954

    Exhibition time: Sept. 10-15, 2018

    Exhibition venue: Chicago, USA



    Auto Oil Centrifuge Machine

    Cutting oil is usually used when mental cutting, use to lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and cleaning; it also helps reduce tools consumed and improve production efficiency.
    How to reduce the cutting oil cost?
    HTT can help you to save cost.

    HTT - Auto oil centrifuge machine; including Automatic dumping device, oil centrifuge, cutting oil recycle and filtration system.
    Working steps: 1move the chips cart to dumping location, push buttom to start; 2, dumping chips to inlet of oil centrifuge, 3, the centrifuge rotating with high speed, separate oil from chips and flowing to oil tank; dry chips dumping to outlet. Oil removal rate≥95% ; capacity: 30-50KG /h.


    New Type: 2KB4-1-100 for Honeycomb Ceramic Mold Die


    Honeycomb ceramics is a new ceramic products like a honeycomb structure in modern industrial development. The shape of the earliest is used as a catalyst carrier, used in automobile exhaust purification. Now the honeycomb ceramics has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electrical, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery and other industries, the development prospect is considerable in this industry.

    2KB4-1-100 is special designed for honeycomb ceramic mold die by HTT. Die holes in different positions can be programmed to automatically complete the whole drilling process. hole diameter range: : Φ1.1-4mm, maximum drilling depth: 100mm, X1 /X2/Y1/Y2 travel: 500mm, Max.spindle speed 15000r/min. The new generation of Synetc 200MA CNC system.

    Drilling machine is structured with X1&X, Y1&Y2, Z1&Z2; Z1 axis and Z2 axis CNC CNC sliding are respectively arranged a drilling spindle.

    When processing, workpieces will be fixtured on the X1&X2 axis, set the starting position of machining die hole starting position and gun drill  according to the location and depth of processing die hole, input processing parameters, the machine starts, Z1 and Z2 CNC feeding and moving at the same time, after feed processing complete. Z1 and Z2 CNC slide back, X1&X2, Y1&Y2 displacement to the position of another die hole, then repeat the process on the feed, to complete the processing. The machine can also be processed simultaneously in two different specifications of the mould.

    Only manual clamping workpiece in the whole process .input processing parameters, the hole pitch and spacing can be programmed by control system to calculate.


    Please visit us at EMO-2017 on 18-09-2017 – 23-09-2017 at Hall 16, Booth C05, Hannover, Germany.
    We build high quality deep hole drilling machine to serve world wide customers in automotive, medical, mold manufacturing, animal feed, fire arms, gas and energy, aerospace industry.
    We provide complete line of deep hole drilling system:
    · Single and multi spindle gun drilling machines with counter rotation
    · Column and knee type multi axis gun drilling machine
    · STS/BTA deep hole boring machine
    · Gun drill (made by Germany Botek)
    · Solid drilling and counter boring tooling
    · Gun drilling tooling
    We are part of your Team to grow together:
    · Provide risk free turn key system
    · Custom design to meet your deep hole drilling requirements
    · We solve your deep hole drilling problem
    · Build most cost effective deep hole drilling machine


     Please Visit us at IMTEX-2017 on 26-01-2017 – 1-02-2017 at BIEC Bangalore.
     We have sold our 6-Spindle Multi axis Machine to M/s Varroc group. And the Machine commissioning will start on last week of October-2016
     soon we are going to start our Machine manufacturing unit and Job shop in Chennai and Bangalore.


       We are participated in TAGMA-2016 Exhibition at Bangalore